Operating The Manship’s Kitchen

Executive Chef Alex Eaton runs the kitchen of The Manship with an ethos that manifests in the quality of its dishes. It’s a matter of respect: for the animals, for the restaurant, and for the guests who eat here.

Wherever possible, The Manship employs whole animal cooking, using every part of the animals served in the restaurant. A far more ethical way to farm and serve meat, this kind of cooking was only recently abandoned in the 20th century. The Manship eliminates wastefulness where we can and proves our prowess with adventurous, award-winning cuisine.

In our kitchen you’ll find the best quality ingredients that our chef is able to find, often sourcing from farmers and distributors in Mississippi and Louisiana directly. For taste, there is no substitute for fresh ingredients or cooking in wood-fired stoves.

When guests come to dine at The Manship, they might notice items on the menu that aren’t often served at restaurants in Jackson. This is not an intimidation tactic. Our chefs have extensive training in many styles of cooking, so it only makes sense to bring the best they have to the plate. It’s more than okay to ask a server, “What the heck is spiedini?” We’re here to share the culinary wealth. It’s fine dining that’s all about the food and drink, stripped of pretension, because authentic dishes yield authentic experiences.

Current Specials

Lunch: Southern Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese

Happy Hour & Late Night: M-F 3 P.M. – 6 P.M. :   1⁄2 Price Pizzettas  |  $2 Off Craft and Import Beers  |  $5 Glasses of Select Wine  |  $5 Single Barrel Pick Whiskey  |  $8 Frozen Drinks  |  $10 BDGT  |  $5 Off Wine Flights
(Prices subject to change.) *Seating limitations do apply!