Alex Eaton – The King of American Seafood

Winner Winner, Seafood Dinner

When the confetti rained down in New Orleans upon the newly-crowned King of American Seafood on Saturday, August 6th, it was The Manship’s Alex Eaton. For The Great American Seafood Cook Off, Alex prepared a Trio of Gulf Shrimp: Barbeque Gulf Brown, Mediterranean Gulf White, and Florida Royal Red. The Clarion-Ledger reported that the trio dish “was like a montage that wrapped together highlights from his own culinary past, including restaurant cooking in New Orleans, his family’s Mediterranean heritage, and summer vacations in Florida.”

He also spoke to Times-Picayune and told them more about his inspiration, “I spent some time cooking in New Orleans, so I had to do a shout-out with the barbeque shrimp.”

Alex’s wins at The Great Mississippi Seafood Cook Off and The Great American Seafood Cook Off qualify him tcompete against 49 chefs from around the globe in November at The World Seafood Championship. The winner of that prize receives $10,000 and is eligible to compete at the World Food Championship.

The 2016 Great American Seafood Cook-Off Approaches!


The Manship’s Executive Chef, Alex Eaton, heads to New Orleans to compete on Saturday, August 6th in the Great American Seafood Cook-Off. He qualified for the National Competition after winning the Mississippi competition earlier this year. He revealed to the Clarion-Ledger that he plans to make one each of three types of Gulf shrimp: Royal Red, Gulf Brown, and Gulf White.

The Clarion Ledger came to The Manship to watch Alex prepare a 15 lb. yellow-edged grouper for the day’s menu. In the video above, he butchers the fish and explains how The Manship makes the most of each fish, using the throats for sauces and the bones for sauces. Whole-animal cooking is part of the kitchen’s philosophy and why meals at the The Manship are as sustainable as they are fresh.

A new profile on Alex was published by Jackson Free Press in anticipation of the Cook-Off. Read how his mentor lit the fire under him to focus on the craft of cooking and his strategy for this weekend’s competition.

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